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Academic Success Centre

Engaging with a Higher Education programme at UCO is a life changing experience. To make the most of this new phase in your education, expert Academic Development Lecturers in our Academic Success Centre are on hand to offer a wealth of advice on various aspects of study skills at that level.

Working at degree level

As well as helping you make the transition into degree level studies, they will help you to develop the skills you will need in preparing coursework, as well as any other academic challenges you may face whilst at UCO.

Wide range of services

The Academic Success Centre offers a range of services. The Academic Development Lecturers will help you to:

  • strengthen your research
  • improve your problem solving skills
  • manage your time effectively
  • acquire good study skills
  • adopt an academic writing style
  • structure your work appropriately
  • construct arguments
  • gain confidence in referencing
  • finding and evaluating information
  • improve your grades
  • prepare for exams
Various workshops

The Academic Success Centre regularly puts on short courses on dissertation writing, research skills and a 3-week course on English for Academic Purposes aimed at second language speakers and native speakers alike. Throughout the academic year there is always a wealth of activities on offer to ensure every student at UCO can access supportive, friendly and developmental guidance in relation to their studies.

It’s more than written work

Gaining a good degree is not just about writing skills and organising your work better. You may find yourself presenting your ideas to other people in tutorials and seminars for the first time. Sounds daunting, but you will find it much easier once we have shown you some techniques. You may find that all you require is a single tutorial to talk something through. However, if it is something more in-depth that you require, regular one-to-one tutorials may be more beneficial.

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Graduate Hub

We take our students’ employability very seriously. Our programmes are designed in consultation with employers so our students develop knowledge and expertise on campus and the work place. Employability is embedded in the curriculum, so from the moment you walk through the door you are able to boost your career opportunities. With events like Employability Week, which features a host of face-to-face activities with employers and employment specialists, you are encouraged to build skills and broaden your horizons even further.

New since 2017 is our Graduate Hub – this is a dedicated space for employment skills development and is designed to further enhance your chances of entering the career of your choice. The Career & Employability Department is based here and offers a wide range of services including:

Academic Success Hub