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Research and Scholarship

University Campus Oldham (UCO) is committed to extending the boundaries of knowledge and understanding within the institution and within society as a whole. UCO recognises the value of research and scholarship and the key roles they play in enhancing teaching and learning.

Following the lead of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and the Higher Education Academy (HEA), we encourage research and scholarship by providing students and staff with opportunities to engage in a range of research led activities both within and outside of the curriculum. We also seek ways to engage in research which supports or builds collaborations with employers, volunteer organisations and the wider community.

Our definition of Research and Scholarship is informed by Boyer’s (1997) Model of Scholarship, which identifies a number of purposes including: building new knowledge, interpreting the use of knowledge across disciplines, aiding society and professions through addressing problems, studying teaching models and practices to improve learning. Through these different types of research, there could be various outputs from peer-reviewed journal articles, the production of creative work, or designing and implementing new systems in teaching and learning.

Staff and students at UCO engage in a number of activities which inform and generate research activities including:

Research Journals & Papers

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