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Stepping Up

Stepping up to the challenges of higher education study is exciting but also sometimes daunting. The 'Stepping Up' programme recognises this and provides tailored support and development opportunities for all students from all educational backgrounds. With an extended induction period that includes sessions on HE student expectations, time management skills, academic writing and study skills, alongside developing the right mindset, communication and self-management skills to excel, students are guided on their journey by a range of professional and academic staff. A Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Scheme means that new students also get to learn from the experience and knowledge of current students too.

Step Change

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Transition between levels is a critical part of the HE student journey. This is why the Academic Development, Library and Career & Employability teams provide bespoke workshops for students at the end of each year to help kick-start your preparation for the academic year ahead and to help you make the leap up to the next level of your study. \Each year of your degree includes different expectations and study skills, which is why the programme includes sessions on advanced research skills, critical writing, project management, research projects and dissertations as well as opportunities to engage in career development. Our tailored programme will help you to become employable by building up the range of skills you need, as an individual, to confidently progress each year.

Stand Out

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Student success is unique to every individual but we help all students to stand out from the crowd by developing careers knowledge and employability skills relevant to their industry or sector as well as the communication and critical thinking skills expected of an HE Graduate. From the beginning of your studies you can expect advice and guidance from the Career and Employability Service, with more tailored activities towards the end of your studies that focus on exactly what you need to be prepared, confident and skilled for a rewarding future.