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Tina Crowe

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Tina Crowe

Course Leader Children and Young People

Tina is a JNC qualified Youth and Community worker and has a BA (Hons) Youth and Community Studies. Tina has a PGCE (PCET) teaching qualification and a Masters, both of which were completed at Huddersfield University.

Tina completed her MSc in Multimedia and E-learning at Huddersfield University. For her Masters Tina completed two significant pieces of research both of which achieved positive long-term outcomes. For her first research project, Tina completed an action research project in E-learning, the outcome of which was the development of a Policy with her employer at the time, this led to efficiency and cost savings relating to marking and moderation processes and procedures. For the second research project. Tina conducted a research and development project. The project entailed the production of, and subsequent evaluation of the use and effectiveness of, a series of Podcasts on Paulo Freire. The Podcast series were trialled by Huddersfield University undergraduate and postgraduate students on the Youth and Community programmes. The project was a success and the Podcast series remains utilised by students on the undergraduate and postgraduate Youth and Community programmes as an enhanced teaching and learning on-line tool at Huddersfield University.

During 2016-2017 Tina conducted significant research around employability within the Children and Young People’s workforce and the socio-economic position of Oldham to inform the development of new Degree courses to include: FdA Children and Young People and BA (Hons) Top Up Children and Young People. This has entailed desk research as well as consultations with local employers on Oldham to include Heads of Schools, Managers of Early Years providers, Youth Service and Directors of relevant Local Authority Departments. The Degree Programmes were successfully validated by Sheffield Hallam University, these are buoyant courses with high student numbers and have excellent progression, retention and achievement rates.

As part of the faculty lead role, during 2018-2019 Tina has engaged in internal organisational research around retention and employability. Tina has undertaken an audit of employability within each course area and is currently working on stage two of the research process as part of the Teaching and Learning Symposium, the findings of which are feeding into the organisational employability strategy which on embedding employability. To improve student retention rates at UCO, Tina has developed an at risk strategy and an at risk register. Furthermore, Tina has conducted a consultation with all employees at UCO, the findings of which will shape UCO’s retention policy. This research has also had a positive impact on the development of retention data reporting procedures.

In 2019 Tina initiated and established an employability working group with Oldham Council around the development and provision of Level 4 and Level 5 Children, Young People and Families Higher Degree Apprenticeship.

Finally, Tina has contributed to a book entitled Study Skills for Foundation Degrees, Edition 3. The book is due to be published in November 2019.

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