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Gary Longley

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Gary Longley

Lecturer, FdE, FdA & BSc(Hons) Top Up Health and Social Care

Gary has worked in Higher Education for the past 3 years and is passionate about education and empowering learners with their personal and social development. Gary currently teaches on the FdA Health and Social Care and Top-up degree courses. In addition to this, he has also taught on BSc Hons in Community Studies with Health at University Campus Oldham.

Prior to working in education, Gary has over 14years of clinical/ industry experience in the field of adult Health and Social Care from a variety of services for example, elderly, community outreach, learning disability, mental health, and forensic services. Gary is particularly interested in the area of learning disability, mental health and forensic service and how we promote and assist people to develop skills to empower their own lives and tailor the services provided to meet their needs. Gary is also interested in how we raise societies awareness and the implementation of equity within local communities and within the world we live.

With Gary’s boarder interests in health and social care and the field of psychology, he has carried out researched with in the local community around the support and accessibility of services offered to males who suffer with different social and health issues. From the research he has set up and supports the running of the men’s group to help educate, offer guidance, and assisted the men and their families who suffer from a verity issues such as, social isolation, family breakdowns, alcohol and/or drug issues, to help raise their aspirations and raise their awareness to develop new skills to overcome their challenges and empower their own lives.

In 2017 Gary was given the opportunity to attend and deliver his research on public’s general attitudes towards offenders being reintegrated into society after completing their sentence and rehabilitation programme, at the Undergraduate Research Conference at Bournemouth University.

Gary was given a commendation award for National Student of the Year 2017, through the National Education Opportunities Network (NEON), for exceptional work as a student ambassador.

BSc (Hons) Psychological studies
PGCE (Lifelong Learning)

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