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Baz Armstrong

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Baz Armstrong

Course Leader

Baz started his career as a professional illustrator and graphic designer specialising in magazine illustration and packaging design, before embarking on a 20 year career as a professional games artist.

His work has featured in more than 35 games published by some of the world’s leading games companies including: Atari, EA sports, Activision, Disney/THQ, Ocean, US Gold, Team17, Infogrammes, Uisoft, Eidos and BBC worldwide. Barry’s games industry knowledge and production knowhow contributed to the design of University Campus Oldham’s Digital Arts/Games Art degree. Barry is a Senior Lecturer specialising in digital 3D modelling for games, virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D prototyping. He is currently the Course Leader for UCO’s Digital Art 3DG&M course.



Research Activities

Interdisciplinary practice and the alternative use of games production techniques.





Membership of Professional Bodies



Journal Articles/Publications/Exhibitions

Gallery Exhibitions
Technology: Past and Future (2018) [Exhibition]. Quays Culture’s Greater Manchester Digital Artists exhibition. Computer Game Production Tools for the Creation of Abstract Fine Art Images. Salford University Media City Campus, Salford. 9th April – 4th May 2018.

Games Art Production Techniques: Art and Education (2014) [Exhibition]. Games production technology for concept art and 3D modelling. Gallery Oldham, Oldham. 1st June – 30th June 2014.

Chromium Skip: ‘Floor Plans’ (2009) [Exhibition]. Digital 3D modelling and image mapping for abstract architectural representation. Gallery Oldham, Oldham. 1st August – 19th September 2009

Olive Exhibition II: Views (2007) [Exhibition]. Digital 3D modelling and image mapping for abstract architectural representation. Abito Developments, Salford. 6th August – 31st August 2007.

Olive Exhibition I: Views (2007) [Exhibition]. Digital 3D modelling and image mapping for abstract architectural representation. The Exhibition Space, Cow Lane Studios, Salford. 9th January – 4th February 2007.

Conference Presentations:
National Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition 2014: Winner Innovation in HE Arts teaching through the use of digital technologies. February 2014 EICE Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom.
The First International Creative Pattern Cutting Symposium 2013 Presentation: Taylor, Andrew, Unver, Ertu, Armstrong, Barry, Ward, Geoff, Agnew, Alison, Hughes-McGrail, Daniel and Argrou, Argyroulla (2013) 3D Digital Technologies: Sculpting, Modelling & construction of Patterns for Costume & Clothing. In: The First international Symposium for Creative Pattern Cutting, 6th -7th February 2013, University of Huddersfield. United Kingdom.
University of Huddersfield 2012 ADA Post Graduate Research Symposium Presentation: Digital sculpture for costume design visualisation: Improving the quality and utility of costume design visualisation’ Presentation of on-going research. In: University of Huddersfield ADA Post Graduate Research Symposium. 16th February 2012, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Drawing Research Network 2012 Conference Presentation: ‘Sketching in digital clay: Digital sculpture for costume design visualisation’ Presented at Drawing Research Network conference 10th-11th September 2012, Theme: ”Drawing knowledge” Loughborough University, Loughborough, United Kingdom.
Sculpture Network Drawing Symposium 2011 Poster/Paper Presentation: ‘Sketching in digital clay: Digital sculpture for costume design visualisation’ Presented at Sculpture Network Drawing Symposium UK 2011, Theme: “Technologies of Drawing”. 21st-28th August, 2011, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, United Kingdom.

Commercial Game Publications:
International Golf (2005) Aqua-Pacific/ITBox
Taxus Stent Wars (2005) Aqua-Pacific/Boston Scientific
Reign of fire (2002), Crawfish interactive/BAM! Entertainment/Nintendo
MaxTrax (2003), Aqua-Pacific/Desq/UFI/Learn Direct
iTrax (2003) Aqua-Pacific/iFone
Three Stooges, (2002) Crawfish interactive/Cinemaware/Nintendo
Razor Freestyle scooter, (2001) Crawfish Interactive/Crave Entertainment
Disney’s ‘Aladdin’, (2000) Crawfish Interactive/UBIsoft
Noddy and the Birthday Party, (2000) Tiertex/BBC Worldwide
Titus the Fox, (2000) Titus Software
Cruise’n’ Exotica, (2000) Crawfish interactive/Midway Games
All Star Tennis 2000, (2000) Aqua-Pacific/UBIsoft
MIB Men in Black, (1999) Tiertex Design Studios/Crave Entertainment
Babe-Pig in the city, (1999) Aqua-Pacific/Crave Entertainment
Titan III, (1998) Tiertex Design Studios
Lucky Luke, (1998) Aqua-Pacific/Infogrammes
Disney`s Timon and Pumbaa’s Jungle Games, (1997) Tiertex/THQ
Atlanta ’96 Olympic Summer Games, (1996) Tiertex Design Studios/THQ
Disney’s Toy story 2, (1999) Tiertex Design Studios/THQ
Disney’s A bug’s life (1998) Tiertex Design Studios/THQ
Disney’s Hunchback of Notre dame, (1996) Tiertex Design Studios/THQ
Disney’s Mulan, (1996) Tiertex Design Studios/THQ
Disney’s Pocahontas, (1996) Tiertex Design Studios/THQ
Worms Re-enforcements, (1995) Team17/Ocean software
Supercross 3D, (1995) Tiertex Design Studios/Atari Corp
Strider II (1994) US Gold/Sega
Lillehammer ’94 Winter Olympics, (1994) US Gold/Sega, Nintendo
Sonic The Hedgehog Edusoft, (1993) Tiertex Design Studios/Sega
Bikini Beach Volleyball, (1993) Hand Made Software/Atari Corp
Jimmy Connors Atari Tennis, (1993) Atari Corp
Power Factor, (1993) Hand Made Software/ Atari Corp
Super Kick Off, (1992) Tiertex Design Studios/US Gold
World Class Leaderboard, (1992) Tiertex Design Studios/ US Gold
Barcelona ‘92 Olympic Summer Games, (1992) US Gold
Pushover, (1992) Ocean software
Block Racer, (1990) Binary Design/US Gold
International Soccer Challenge, (1990) Red Rat Software/ Microstyle
Time Runner, (1989) Red Rat Software
Lombard R.A.C rally. (1988) Red Rat Software/Mandarin Software

Published Magazine Illustrations:
Front cover illustrations, (1986-1987) Page6 Magazine/New Atari User Magazine. Page6 Publishing (6 issues)
Christmas Promotions Illustrations (1986) Oldham Evening Chronicle

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