Leotards donned and pliè at the ready at University Campus Oldham
Posted: 22 March 2017

Leotards donned and pliè at the ready at University Campus Oldham

Elite ballet dancers headed to University Campus Oldham (UCO) on Saturday, 11th March, 2017 for physiology sport science testing. KS Dance, based in Cheshire, used UCO’s state of the art testing equipment to find out how aerobically fit, strong and powerful they are.

Students and lecturers will use the information gathered to aid the troop in developing their physiology and preventing injury. UCO will also use the data for further analysis and student case study projects.

The Sports Laboratory opened in February 2016 and features a range of cutting edge equipment including the latest Cortex MetaLyzer 3B-R3 Metabolic System, Force Platform FP4, Brower Test Centre Timing System, BodyStat Body Composition Analyser, two Monark Ergometers, a Woodway Fitness Treadmill SDB, Accutrend Plus, Osmocheck Digital Refractometer, Respiratory Pressure Meter, HemoCue Haemoglobin 201+ Analyser, Nonin PalmSAT hand held Digital Pulse Oximeter and a wide range of anthropometric testing equipment.

A spokesperson for KS Dance commented "Sport Science within Dance is fast emerging and it is really a crucial part of what we do as Dancers. We are physical and athletic and therefore we need expert guidance from Dance Scientists and Strength Coaches to help our on stage performance and injury prevention. We are so privileged to have been invited to the UCO Sport Science department to undergo fitness and strength testing. The support and opportunity provided has really helped us understand our bodies."

Rupert Wiltshire, Sport & Exercise Science Lecturer "It was a brilliant experience for our students to conduct laboratory based testing on Elite Classical Ballet Dancers. It allowed our students to make links with an industry that is quite new to sport science and in turn the day aided the dancers in understanding their physical attributes. The links between the University and Elite Athlete centres are crucial for developing the next generation of Sport Scientist and Sports Coach. Our links will continue to grow with KS Dance and we are excited to have a broad variety of athlete pass through the lab in the next year."