Top Research at University Campus Oldham
Posted: 09 January 2017

Top Research at University Campus Oldham

Pre Service PGCE students from University Campus Oldham will present research findings at a Personal Skills Presentations held annually next week. The event at University Campus Oldham gives students a taste of their chosen course, to obtain a wide range of information and the opportunity for group evaluation.

Discussion topics will range from behaviour management and motivation to bereavement counselling. Each showcase is delivered by graduate students presenting work they have done either as part of their course or placement. The event takes place on Tuesday, 13 December 2016 and will run from 10am to 3pm.

Zaishan Ahmed, Pre service PGCE student said "I chose to research stress management as it's such an important topic in the working world these days. High levels can lead to serious health problems so being aware of coping strategies is useful for us and for our future students as we will be better prepared to spot any issues and offer assistance."

Michelle Whitehead, Senior Teacher Education Lecturer said "It's important for students to get a wide range of information and knowledge in preparation for a teaching position. This event focuses on professional development planning. Students develop their teaching and specialist subject skills and share research in an interactive yet creative way."

Teaching courses at University Campus Oldham are a popular career route with graduates progressing on to work within a variety of professions including further and higher education, with some completing teacher training to enhance their current career opportunities. Many decide to take the opportunity to further their studies on relevant MA or MSc courses.