• Performance Theatre and Drama FdA
    Performance Theatre and Drama FdA
    We share your passion for performance and will help you fulfil your career ambitions.
  • Performance Theatre and Drama FdA
    Performance Theatre and Drama FdA
    We share your passion for performance and will help you fulfil your career ambitions.
  • Performance Theatre and Drama FdA
    Performance Theatre and Drama FdA
    We share your passion for performance and will help you fulfil your career ambitions.
  • Performance Theatre and Drama FdA
    Performance Theatre and Drama FdA
    We share your passion for performance and will help you fulfil your career ambitions.
  • Performance Theatre and Drama FdA
    Performance Theatre and Drama FdA
    We share your passion for performance and will help you fulfil your career ambitions.


This course offers you the opportunity to engage with rigorous training and to gain experience as a performer whilst being part of a small-scale touring theatre company. You will develop your skills and knowledge through the creation of a range of performance projects delivered to public audiences, and through investigation into the work of current performance practices and industry professionals. Alongside your work as a company, there are opportunities to develop individually in other areas of performance practice such as leading workshops, directing, performance writing, solo performance, audition techniques etc. This is a practical course with opportunities to experience working first-hand in a range of professional environments.

Our FdA Performance Theatre and Drama is delivered by experienced practitioners supported by excellent visiting practitioners and industry professionals. We work closely with a number of local organisations including Oldham Coliseum and Oldham Theatre Workshop and we have strong links with a number of performance companies, past workshops, performances and guest speakers include: John Britton from Duende Theatre Ensemble, OBRA Theatre Company, Red Ladder Theatre Company, Gerry Flanagan from Shifting Sands Theatre Company, Eggs Collective, 154 Collective, writer and producer Julie Bokowiec, and producer Ben Rothera.

In the first year of the course you will be introduced to a wide range of contemporary performance practices. You will participate in performance training; you will be involved in the creation of two performance productions; you will attend a number of live performances, and receive input from industry experts. Through lectures and seminars we will help you contextualise and understand this fascinating area of the creative industries. You will develop your creative, imaginative and reflective abilities through a number of process-based assessments enabling you to explore both practice and theory in interesting and investigative ways. You will be introduced to a range of research-based and academic skills. There are many opportunities to explore working as a small-scale theatre company even from the first year of your course enabling you to develop important professional skills, and providing great experiences of working as an ensemble. Individually you will begin to identify the particular areas of performance practice that interest you with the aim to explore these further during your second year.

Performance Training MDF013
This is a practically focused module where you will engage with a range of training techniques and practices to develop your abilities as an actor / performer. You will explore working with your voice, physicality, and imagination, as important principles of performance training are introduced including stage presence, awareness, focus, concentration and energy. In order to inform and contextualise your practice, the work of particular actor training practitioners will be explored and discussed. You will demonstrate your ability to engage with these practices throughout the module and to develop your practical skills as an actor or performer working individually and as part of a group. A number of disciplines and practices are explored within this module such as yoga, martial arts, clowning, improvisation, devising techniques, singing, movement training/ dance.

Professional Practice MDF014
This module encourages you to think about your own professional development within the performing arts industry – what area of practice particularly interests you? What knowledge and skills will you need to develop? What professional attributes will you need to succeed? You will have the opportunity to reflect on and consider your own individual experiences within the performance industry, identifying future goals, and creating a professional development plan. You will develop your skills in communication, and self-promotion, through the design and creation of an online portfolio and a group-based presentation.

Performance Project 1A MDF015 and Performance Project 1B MDF016
These production-based modules enable you to explore two contrasting projects, each resulting in a number of public performances. You will develop your understanding and abilities through participation in the practical and creative work of preparing two different theatre productions (or similar performance events) under the direction of a tutor. You will gain experience and knowledge of performance processes, genres and performance material. You will develop a number of skills depending on the particular performance project explored, and the individual contribution that you make to the work of the company. Examples of performance projects include: physical theatre, storytelling theatre, mediatised performance, immersive theatre, music theatre, text-based performance, devised performance.

Contemporary Performance Practices MDF017
This module provides an introduction to a range of significant contemporary approaches to performance practice. Through the watching of live and recorded performances and through research into the work of contemporary performance companies and their practices, you will begin to develop the skills required for academic study and research. You will start to contextualise contemporary performance practices through discussions and analyses of live and recorded performance within key theoretical frameworks.

In year two there will be an increasing engagement with practice through Advanced Performance Training and one larger production module, Performance Project 2, which showcases the practical performance skills which you have been developing throughout the course. During year two you will start to experiment and test out your own ideas whilst being encouraged and challenged through staff-led guidance and facilitation. You will further consolidate your knowledge and understanding through practice, research and investigations into the cultural industries considering the purpose and function of performance in a wider context. There will be opportunities to develop further industry links and to network through the touring of performance work, through the delivery of performance workshops, or through work experience opportunities. Individually you will identify, research and develop your own independent project with input from a range of specialists who will help you in realising your project and in gaining valuable industry experience.

Advanced Performance Training MDI011
Deepening your learning through further performance training techniques you will work with increasing autonomy to identify and focus your own individual training needs. You will work practically to create and design your own training score which is tailor made and dependent on your particular performance interests (physical theatre, naturalism, clowning, mediatised performance, dance, musical theatre) as well as your own strengths and weaknesses.

Professional Project MDI012
Building upon a number of modules including Professional Practice, this module challenges you to develop your own individually focused project exploring a particular area of performance practice. You will plan, and explore your own project, drawing on the work of professionals in the field, and your experience of pitching performance companies in year 1. Previous projects have included the creation of a solo performance, the writing of a performance-text or play script, the design and delivery of workshops with a particular focused group, exploration and research into the work of drama therapists.

Performance Project 2 MDI013
This module expands upon the performance production techniques and processes employed in the creation of Performance Project 1A and 1B. As a performance company, you will develop your abilities as performers and company members in the exploration and creation of a major performance production under the direction of a tutor or visiting director.

Cultural Industries MDI014
This module creates the opportunity for you to examine the role and nature of the creative and cultural industries in contemporary society. You will engage with current debates around performance practices and their analysis, including arts policy, the effects of funding, and the development of the creative and cultural industries. You will consider how political, societal and economic factors influence creative practices. You will create a portfolio of work ranging from essays to performance-presentations which enable you to further develop your academic study and research skills alongside your creative and enterprising abilities.

Students are encouraged and supported in looking for relevant work experience, and in making contact with industry specialists who offer guidance and support within particular aspects of their course.

The course prepares you for work in the performance industry, with some of our students going on to create their own performance companies or joining existing companies. It will provide you with valuable experience of carrying out a number of roles within the arts industry from a freelance practitioner, actor or performer to an arts administrator. Potential career options include a number of different roles such as a performer, an actor, a director, a workshop facilitator, freelance practitioner, a performance writer and other positions.

Some professions will require further study and many students go on to complete the BA (Hons) Performance (Top Up). With further qualifications this could lead to a career in teaching or drama therapy

This predominantly practical course is mostly taught and assessed through practice-based work, from individual skill-based presentations within the class, to full-scale public productions. All practice-based work is supported by theory which aids in the development of academic skills through the carrying out of research, essay writing, presentations and portfolios.

The University Campus has two purpose built studios. The 9m x 9m Rehearsal Studio, with its high-grade semi-sprung floor, allows you space to train and rehearse. The Performance Studio is a state of the art public performance venue from which you can showcase your performances before taking them on tour. We have a good relationship with a number of local, national and international performance companies and theatre organisations providing opportunities for industry experience and access to further professional expertise.

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Key Information
Start date:
September 2017
Institutional code:
UCAS code:
2 years full time, 3 years part time
Course type:
Full Time / Part Time
Fees per year:
£7500 / Part time fees on request
Additional costs per year:
Theatre trips, Travel costs £15-£20, Essential Text Book, £10 - £15
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Entry Requirements

64 UCAS points from a range of Level 3 qualifications (NVQ3, BTEC Award, or A Levels) preferably in performance-related subjects, other credit bearing qualifications such as LAMDA or Gold Arts Award, and through successful completion of an interview and audition.


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