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Autism conference details the lived experience

Students and guests were invited to an autism conference at University College Oldham to hear from researchers and practitioners from the field.

The conference, held at UCO campus in Oldham was organised by the Early Years team who wanted to bring together a variety of experts that have a wealth of knowledge that can be shared both with learners and other professionals.

Workshops and seminars were delivered by Deborah Philip (University of Huddersfield) – Walking through treacle; the lived experience of autism, Shona Davison (Sheffield Hallam University) The Pro’s and Cons of Autistic Parenthood and Nadia Peters & Lorna Downer (Autism for the Arts) – Creative Sensory Workshop for early years – Working towards inclusion and access to the arts for people with autism and their families.

A special recital by performing arts students, Aaron Fletcher, Conor Fallon-Burgess and Ronan Gallagher explored the ‘lived experience’ of each individual demonstrating how personal autism is.

Gail Frampton, Faculty Lead for Early Years at University Campus Oldham said; “Our experience tells us that Autism is still not understood.  We wanted to bring this to the forefront for both our students and interest groups and as such selected speakers with first-hand experience and knowledge.  We are very happy with the attendance and hope to deliver more conferences around early years.”

The UCO offer to students is unique, with dedicated facilities it is easy for people to access higher education in Oldham.

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